I Don't Eat My Friends

{28/10/2009}   Kidneys and ACT testing

Mom had surgery today. Shes been having some REALLyY bad kidney stones. (some may find these next sentences gross): You know those two inner lips? (girls have this  boys dont) well in those two lips are a bunch of invisible to the naked eye holes. Thats where your pee escapes from. well imagine one of those tiny holes being STRETCHED to make it a bigger whole, big enough to stick a stick like thing up there. All they way to you kidney. And everytime you moved it hurt like F*** because of the stick thing in you pee hole? Imagine a UTI time 2000. Yeah, thats mama’s pain. Poor mama.

Anyway last Saturday I had my ACT test. Mostly good. Except for the science part. Now Im usually great at science. But 40 questions and every set of 4 questions has 3 paragraphs and 4 diagrams that must be read in order to ansewer said questions in under 30 minutes? Yeah, they want us to fail. But at least the writting question wasnt “write about a person who changed your life forever”. I always have to make something up.


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