I Don't Eat My Friends

{31/10/2009}   Aprons

With all the time I spend in the kitchen it’s no surprise how many shirts and pants have fallen victim to splashes and stains. So I’ve been thinking that its time I get my very own apron! I had one when I was 8. My grandma and I took a plain white one and put some iron ons on it.  But this time I was thinking something cuter. After sorting through THOUSANDS of internet pages I found 20 I liked. And have since narrowed that 20 down to 7 (…4 of them were sold out, thats the only reason they didnt make it). Here are the finalists (in no order):
Retro 50s BLACK POLKA DOT full APRON with fifties ric rac details make a sexy hostess and is vintage inspiredCherry Red Polka Dot - Scarlett  - Southern Belle Chic Half ApronThe BELLA Vintage Inspired Red Hot Chili Full ApronThe Rose Tatoo -  Scarlett Chic -  Sassy Apron with Bib111-JS-68 Jessie Steele Aprons Bib Josephine Red & Pink Polka Dots 

So what do you think? Which one should be the winner?

Aprons from:


therantingteenager says:

The first one or the one with cookies…they’re wonderful!

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mvibes13 says:

Haha, those were the ones I had narrowed it down too (plus the one brown polkadotted one from the other post)

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