I Don't Eat My Friends

So you either hate twilight or your some crazy psycho screaming fan girl about it. But what about those in between? What about those who liked the books (once you get into the story you dont even notice the so-so writing) and thinks the movies are ok (with low expectations to begin with because no matter how great the books are movies made from them almost always suck)? Well thats me.
I saw new moon today…..I have to say there were times I almost had to leave the theater because I was laughing soooo hard! There was this one part, for example, where Bella said “kiss me” and Edward looked like he was in pain as he leaned down, then pain turned into a ‘GROOOOOSSSSS Dont make me touch her!!!!’ look.

There is one thing I like more then twilight (book or movie) and that things that make fun of twilight! (mostly fan vids). Here are a few of my favorites:
EDIT: Some of the vids might run weird….if so, just use the links provided with the names


(let load completely first):





Others that are kinda funny:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goix7jFXD9Q&NR=1&feature=fvwp (this ones kinda funny…eh not that great)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax5axcXAODg&feature=related  Funny but lots of “complaining” BEST part is between :44-:54
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MKz0gkcgAo (this one is actually really good! Very well put together and awomely done…not so much making fun of)
ILL NEVER BE AN EMO VAMPIRE!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1glNuQiE77E (kinda funny but sooo dumb)

Know any good ones? SEND EM TO ME! lol I love watching them


In order in which they occured:

Last night I realized my face (skintone) is even. So I did not wear make up today. The results? I was extremly confident and way more out going then usually. Im pretty sure I was check out by at least two guys (not that I care, but the fact that I actually noticed being check out (or check out at all) is strange and foriegn to me.

First class: we slipt up into groups. Boys, girl. There were ofur boys, and at least 8-9 girls. We had to come up with questions to ask the opposite sex and they had to answer honestly.

Girls questions(for the boys):
1. Why do you always answer with “I guess” or “sure” or “I dunno”.
Answer: (silence for 5 minutes then) one of the boy says “..”I guess (laughter from the girls) ….(the boys finally get it, laughter from the boys)…I guess its because we..um…dont want to offend you if we dont think you’ll like the answer.
2 Why is it ok for you to be gross but not us? (ex: burping, farting, wearing the same jeans or boxers 3 days in a row, touching your junk then picking up objects/food)
Answer: Thats too personal (no answer). But grirls just cant burp its not “lady like” and its only funny when we fart/burp. (one of the boys did say he encourages his friends who are girls to burp cause he thinks its funny)
3. Why can girls flirt with you (when your dating) but if a guy flirts with us you freak out?
answer: we usually cant tell when girls flirt with us (BUUULLL) and we know how guys are.
4 Why dont you notice changes? (new hair cut/color, makeup ect)
We see you as a whole, not little details ( I call buuulll on this too)
5 Why cant you clean up after yourselves?
no answer

There were more but I cant remember right now…sorry

They asked things like
1. Why does it take you so long to shop for clothes when we can just go in and grab jeans and a shirt and leave?
2. Why do you always need to know where we are going and when we will be out when we say “im going out”
3. Why do we have to be intimite with you when were dating? (like kissing/hugging/ saying I love you/hand holding)
….lol I think there were like 2-3 more but i dont remember right now.

After getting out from my test early I was thirsty, but I dont trust the vending machines at school. But I was REALLY thirsty so I tried. I put in my 1.25 and waited…nothing. “Greeat” I thought, then  *clunk clunk* out popped a Vault! YAY! I turn to leave *clunk clunk* out popped ANOTHER Vault DOUBLE YAY!!!! I forgive you vending machine.

After school at a stoplight  saw this:

Yes, I admit that I am an addict….or maybe I’m obsessed…or I’m just plain weird. Hell, I could be all three for all  you know! Either way, I cant help myself.
Whenever I find a book on the disgusting facts about american food and/or food industries or how certain foods cause and cure health problems I cant stop myself. I snatch the book and devour it within a few hours. Theres a certain charm to the stomach churning pictures these books tell about.
To give you a sample of the kind of books I mean:
Skinny Bitch ( Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin)
In Defence of Food (Micheal Pollan)
Diet for a New America (John Robbins)
Natural Health, Natural Medicine (Andew Weil)
Its not even JUST books but websties too!
Yes I know I have a problem, Ive already admited to that remember? Your the one who is still readding.

Chew On This (Eric Scholosser and Charles Wilson)

When I saw a book with sick looking fast food on the front and a promise of “Everything you DONT want to know about fast food” I was ecstatic to start reading it.
The first four chapters were nothing more than a history on fast food and how it came to be. Which is fine, nothing wrong with a little history (though there were only 9 chapters). The next three chapters have a little bit of information but you could get more from a 4 minute video from PETA. Then the last 2 chapters were on a kid debating on whether or not he should get gastric bypass surgery and a woman who opened a restaurant and helped a schools lunch program. 
I have to say, I feel very mislead and very disappointed. Hopefully his other book Fast Food Nation will be better.


Why do I purposfully do things that I know will just end up pissing me off? Things I know the answer too already but feel the need to prove yet again. *angry sigh* It all started a few days ago…..

It was on my day off, I had woken up around 9:30 and did not feel like doing a single thing. It was only around lunch did I realize I was out of kikoman (A VERY important ingrediant to me). So I brushed my hair, threw on some clothes and looked in the mirror and thought “screw the eyeliner, its only walmart”. (Normally I only put on eyeliner and a bit of foundation on my cheeks (otherwise they look red dilicious apple red) but not today). I didnt think much of my appearance, I thought I looked fine and somewhat pretty even though the color of my face wasnt even.
So off on my adventure to walmart I went. Buying kikoman and browsing through the rest of the food section. I smile and waved at a little girl, she waved back. But then I got a weird look from another shopper. So on my wandering went smiling and waving at people (in my attempt to be more “socially friendly” or whatever crack shit my friend goes on about that i’m lacking). But I noticed, usually when I give a forced smile and wave alot more people smile and wave back. But not today, I got some disgruntled looks or was simply passed over. Even the old woman at the library wasnt as friendly today.

Today it hit me.

Today was also my day off, and, after my little brother was picked up by his grandmother, I began getting ready. I put on the same jeans and tank I had on the day at walmart. Brushed my hair the same way. Only this time I threw a button down long sleeve on top of the tank (and rolled the sleeves up), added a hat, and put on my foundation and eyeliner. I looked very “cute”
I went to walmart: tons of smiles and waves from people (even ones I had not waved too first), I went to the library: the old woman was exceptionally nice today, and more smiles/waves. I went to the other library: smiles but the woman who works there was very mean. I didnt mind though, shes grumpy no matter when I go there, I think she just hates her job.

So, any guesses?


Theres this vegetarian in my Brit Lit class who tends to…well I dont like the image of vegetarians she gives off. Everyday she only brings salads. Then shouts “what kind of a vegetarian are you?!” when I yet again tell her that I detest and never eat salads. Backing up what others in the class think about vegetarians ONLY eatting salads. And they even ask me what I eat when I tell them I dont eat salads (apparently they cant see the beautiful meals I bring everyday and share with my friend Alex). She also goes about screaming how everyone in our class is a canibal for eatting meat. -_- Which is comepletely ridiculous. And when I try to rationally explain about a pig being smarter then a dog and 3 year old child and other totally backed up facts and so on she interrupts me with screaming about stupid things that causes the rest of the class to ignore my facts and shrug them off as more “crazy vegetarian” nonsence.

Oh and..heh heh I found a couple more aprons I like: (all from sassy girl)

Prairie Gothic- Sassy  and Chic ApronChocolate Polka Dot - Ruffled Susie Sassy ApronChocolate Polka Dot - Sassy and Chic Apron (yes these two are similar)Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley - Scarlett Chic -  Sassy Apron with Bib

et cetera