I Don't Eat My Friends


Theres this vegetarian in my Brit Lit class who tends to…well I dont like the image of vegetarians she gives off. Everyday she only brings salads. Then shouts “what kind of a vegetarian are you?!” when I yet again tell her that I detest and never eat salads. Backing up what others in the class think about vegetarians ONLY eatting salads. And they even ask me what I eat when I tell them I dont eat salads (apparently they cant see the beautiful meals I bring everyday and share with my friend Alex). She also goes about screaming how everyone in our class is a canibal for eatting meat. -_- Which is comepletely ridiculous. And when I try to rationally explain about a pig being smarter then a dog and 3 year old child and other totally backed up facts and so on she interrupts me with screaming about stupid things that causes the rest of the class to ignore my facts and shrug them off as more “crazy vegetarian” nonsence.

Oh and..heh heh I found a couple more aprons I like: (all from sassy girl)

Prairie Gothic- Sassy  and Chic ApronChocolate Polka Dot - Ruffled Susie Sassy ApronChocolate Polka Dot - Sassy and Chic Apron (yes these two are similar)Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley - Scarlett Chic -  Sassy Apron with Bib


therantingteenager says:

Yeah, I totally get it, it’s SO frustrating when a fellow vegetarian puts me down like that. It’s already frustrating when a non-vegetarian does it!

Love the first apron! So cute!

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