I Don't Eat My Friends

{12/11/2009}   “Why you judgemental baaaass…you really think I’m pretty?”

Why do I purposfully do things that I know will just end up pissing me off? Things I know the answer too already but feel the need to prove yet again. *angry sigh* It all started a few days ago…..

It was on my day off, I had woken up around 9:30 and did not feel like doing a single thing. It was only around lunch did I realize I was out of kikoman (A VERY important ingrediant to me). So I brushed my hair, threw on some clothes and looked in the mirror and thought “screw the eyeliner, its only walmart”. (Normally I only put on eyeliner and a bit of foundation on my cheeks (otherwise they look red dilicious apple red) but not today). I didnt think much of my appearance, I thought I looked fine and somewhat pretty even though the color of my face wasnt even.
So off on my adventure to walmart I went. Buying kikoman and browsing through the rest of the food section. I smile and waved at a little girl, she waved back. But then I got a weird look from another shopper. So on my wandering went smiling and waving at people (in my attempt to be more “socially friendly” or whatever crack shit my friend goes on about that i’m lacking). But I noticed, usually when I give a forced smile and wave alot more people smile and wave back. But not today, I got some disgruntled looks or was simply passed over. Even the old woman at the library wasnt as friendly today.

Today it hit me.

Today was also my day off, and, after my little brother was picked up by his grandmother, I began getting ready. I put on the same jeans and tank I had on the day at walmart. Brushed my hair the same way. Only this time I threw a button down long sleeve on top of the tank (and rolled the sleeves up), added a hat, and put on my foundation and eyeliner. I looked very “cute”
I went to walmart: tons of smiles and waves from people (even ones I had not waved too first), I went to the library: the old woman was exceptionally nice today, and more smiles/waves. I went to the other library: smiles but the woman who works there was very mean. I didnt mind though, shes grumpy no matter when I go there, I think she just hates her job.

So, any guesses?


therantingteenager says:

oh-my-god. I cannot believe people can actually be so judgmental.

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