I Don't Eat My Friends

{14/11/2009}   I have an addiction, and I refuse to go to an anonymous meeting.

Yes, I admit that I am an addict….or maybe I’m obsessed…or I’m just plain weird. Hell, I could be all three for all  you know! Either way, I cant help myself.
Whenever I find a book on the disgusting facts about american food and/or food industries or how certain foods cause and cure health problems I cant stop myself. I snatch the book and devour it within a few hours. Theres a certain charm to the stomach churning pictures these books tell about.
To give you a sample of the kind of books I mean:
Skinny Bitch ( Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin)
In Defence of Food (Micheal Pollan)
Diet for a New America (John Robbins)
Natural Health, Natural Medicine (Andew Weil)
Its not even JUST books but websties too!
Yes I know I have a problem, Ive already admited to that remember? Your the one who is still readding.

Chew On This (Eric Scholosser and Charles Wilson)

When I saw a book with sick looking fast food on the front and a promise of “Everything you DONT want to know about fast food” I was ecstatic to start reading it.
The first four chapters were nothing more than a history on fast food and how it came to be. Which is fine, nothing wrong with a little history (though there were only 9 chapters). The next three chapters have a little bit of information but you could get more from a 4 minute video from PETA. Then the last 2 chapters were on a kid debating on whether or not he should get gastric bypass surgery and a woman who opened a restaurant and helped a schools lunch program. 
I have to say, I feel very mislead and very disappointed. Hopefully his other book Fast Food Nation will be better.



LOL…I can’t bear to read this kind of books because then I feel guilty for all my junk food eating…

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