I Don't Eat My Friends

{18/11/2009}   A litte bit of everything, a whole lot of nothing

In order in which they occured:

Last night I realized my face (skintone) is even. So I did not wear make up today. The results? I was extremly confident and way more out going then usually. Im pretty sure I was check out by at least two guys (not that I care, but the fact that I actually noticed being check out (or check out at all) is strange and foriegn to me.

First class: we slipt up into groups. Boys, girl. There were ofur boys, and at least 8-9 girls. We had to come up with questions to ask the opposite sex and they had to answer honestly.

Girls questions(for the boys):
1. Why do you always answer with “I guess” or “sure” or “I dunno”.
Answer: (silence for 5 minutes then) one of the boy says “..”I guess (laughter from the girls) ….(the boys finally get it, laughter from the boys)…I guess its because we..um…dont want to offend you if we dont think you’ll like the answer.
2 Why is it ok for you to be gross but not us? (ex: burping, farting, wearing the same jeans or boxers 3 days in a row, touching your junk then picking up objects/food)
Answer: Thats too personal (no answer). But grirls just cant burp its not “lady like” and its only funny when we fart/burp. (one of the boys did say he encourages his friends who are girls to burp cause he thinks its funny)
3. Why can girls flirt with you (when your dating) but if a guy flirts with us you freak out?
answer: we usually cant tell when girls flirt with us (BUUULLL) and we know how guys are.
4 Why dont you notice changes? (new hair cut/color, makeup ect)
We see you as a whole, not little details ( I call buuulll on this too)
5 Why cant you clean up after yourselves?
no answer

There were more but I cant remember right now…sorry

They asked things like
1. Why does it take you so long to shop for clothes when we can just go in and grab jeans and a shirt and leave?
2. Why do you always need to know where we are going and when we will be out when we say “im going out”
3. Why do we have to be intimite with you when were dating? (like kissing/hugging/ saying I love you/hand holding)
….lol I think there were like 2-3 more but i dont remember right now.

After getting out from my test early I was thirsty, but I dont trust the vending machines at school. But I was REALLY thirsty so I tried. I put in my 1.25 and waited…nothing. “Greeat” I thought, then  *clunk clunk* out popped a Vault! YAY! I turn to leave *clunk clunk* out popped ANOTHER Vault DOUBLE YAY!!!! I forgive you vending machine.

After school at a stoplight  saw this:


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