I Don't Eat My Friends

{29/01/2010}   Man Chrunching

The all gay (male) dating website. This ad is being considered for the superbowl.

My “stepfather” saw the comercial on the news this morning and, not even a second before it ended, epressed how disgusted and repulsed he was at the video. Yet, when questioned, had it been a man and a woman (or even two women) it would have been a perfectly fine comercial.
Which saddened me. I’m afriad that, if it does make it to the superbowl, there will be a ton of hate towards this comercial/site.
Does anyone think this ad will make it?


“Give me another chance”
“COMMON! I’m different now! Just a chance. Go out with me”
“NO. I don’t like you.”
“So? I LIKE you. I DESERVE this!”
“You deserve to go out with me, even though I don’t like you…”
“YEAH! I DESERVE IT! And so what if you don’t like me. It might change after you go out with me for a few months”
“…” *speechless*
“I KNOW it will.”
“…I’m not going out with someone I don’t like just because they ‘deserve it’.”

This conversation was much longer then I posted. Mostly him trying to convince me that he ‘changed. He’s not a douche anymore and he really does respect women now!!’
There was also a part were I said ‘Wouldn’t going out with someone I didn’t like raise their hopes and then crush them when I realized my feelings wouldn’t change?’ But apparently it ‘wouldn’t affect him’.

Lets take a look at this conversation shall we?

“So? I LIKE you. I DESERVE this!”

Who cares if you like me or not. I like you, and I deserve you going out with me. Who cares what you feel about it, so long as I have what I think I deserve I’m happy.

“YEAH! I DESERVE IT! And so what if you don’t like me. It might change after you go out with me for a few months”

(See?) Yeah, I deserve the satisfaction of going out with you. And I’m so confident in my ‘abilities’ that I can MAKE you like me. (even if it takes a few months….Or maybe thats just thrown in there to show that ‘you’ve change, and you really do give a rats ass about my feelings or feminism in general)

Ok…so let me get this straight. You’ve changed! Your totally a feminist now (or at least respect them), you respect women and me. You care about someones feelings other then your own and your not going to be a creepy stalkerish douchebag?
OMG YAY! *fake cheer giggle*  Thats why you’re, lyke, totally not demanding I go out with you because you , lyke, totally deserve it and thats totally all that matters! Oh and its totally not lyke you called my house 20 times in a row (a day) for the past 3 days because I never answered!
Yeah…You really respect feminism now. And your totally not misogynistic or sexist AT ALL! (I left out the part of the conversation that showed how he really *sarcasm*‘isn’t‘ *sarcasm* like that anymore)

Just as a disclaimer: I NEVER went out with this guy. But about a month ago (if even) I got so sick of him following me and trying to convince me to date him (and his sexism) that I told him that I had had enough of his misogynistic attitude, lack of respect, and he never had or would have a chance with me. (yes, it is said much calmer and possibly a tad different here…)

{25/01/2010}   Would You Stop And Help?

On my way to school this morning I turned on the radio. The word “rape” was screamed (ok not screamed, but it was said loudly because I had forgotten to turn the volume down from the night beofre). What a lovely word to be the first to hear in the morning.

A morning radio show, called Rovers Morning Glory, was going on and the discussion was: If you saw a woman being raped on the street would you try to stop it?
I thought it was a ridiculous question. Who, upon seeing someone being rapped, wouldn’t step in (or at least call the cops)? Charlie (I believe thats his name. The man who is not rover nor the woman, who we will call charlie because I think thats his name).
Charlie would not help. His reasoning?
1. Theres a 50-50 chance it’s not rape. 
   I’m sorry….what? A woman/man is on the street/in an alleyway screaming, having her/his clothes torn off, and possibly being beaten…and its a 50-50 chance of being consensual?
2. Well it could be someones rape fantasy being played out. And we would all be embarrassed if I just came up to them and saw their genitals.
  Rover replyed somewhere along the lines of: If they are doing it on the street they’re obviously not going to be embarrassed that you saw their genitals.

Things continued along these lines (both Rover, the female (I’m sorry I don’t know her name), and a caller) were trying to convince Charlie to step in. But Charlie continued to stay on the “it could be a rape fantasy, I don’t want to be embarrassed if it is only a rape fantasy, What if I do step inwith a gun but then the cops come and it wasnt a real rape, Its not my place to step in so I’ll just keep walking by”
I arrived at school just as Rover said: (not word for word) “If you see Charlie on the street getting his ass kicked by 10 guys DON”T help him. He dosnt want help! Just walk on by.”

I was really appalled by Charlie. Even if it is a rape fantasy in public, as the woman pointed out, wouldn’t you rather know that? TO have stepped in and found out that the girl/guy was actually ok? Then to have witnessed a possible rape and have the fact that you DID NOTHING to stop it on your conscience?

So here is my question: Would you stop and help? If a man/woman was being beaten/raped in public? What about if it wasn’t in public? What if you happened to see it through a window, would you still at least call the cops?


Winter break ended Tuesday, that is why I haven’t posted in a while. With school until 4 and work until 10 (then add in a 20-40 minute ride home then 2+ hours of homework before bed) I just haven’t had the time to post.
Even now I’m typing this while changing into my uniform (for work). So please understand, I am not going on another “hiatus”, I am simply waiting for a free 10 minutes that I can actually post something worth reading. Honestly, I haven’t even had time to read my favorite blogs or webcomics!

Love and see you soon

Boy walks in on a girl in her bra and underwear. Boy gets slapped and called a pervert.

Boy walks in on a girl tryng on a bikini. Girls asks boy what he thinks. Girl and boy walk out to the swimming pool.

What do you notice about these two stories?

Ever since I was little (around the time I got my frist ‘training bra’ Oh dont get me started on those or I will be here ALL day) I have always questioned the bra and underwear VS the bikini.  Why was it NOT ok for someone to see you in your bra and underwear but it WAS ok for someone to see you in a bikini? They cover the same amount, they look the same (especially if you get a matching bra and panties set), and some bikinis are more revealing then a bra and a pair of underwear.
To me walking out and around in a bikini and then getting pissed at someone who sees you in your underwear seems a little hypocritical to me. Where is this line that tells us whats ok and whats “too far”?
Once when I was 7 or 8 I didnt have a swim suit. So, not wanting to miss out on the pool fun, I put on my matching flower training bra and panties. As I ran out the door my mom called out for me too come back…Acrtually she called while running and screaming, grabbed me, and dashed back into the house. Her cheeks were red as she told me I couldn’t leave the house in my underwear. “But why mama? It looks just like a bikini. So it’s a bikini today.”
“Nono dear, underwear is underwear! And should never be worn without clothes over it!” They way she looked, talked, and acted showed that she was incredibly embaressed and that I should be too. But I wasnt, I was just confused. Especially after she handed me a princess bikini she had bought for me and told me to change into it. They looked the same to me, but I did what Mama had asked.

As I reached the pool my neighbors (a boy and his sister) asked me “what happened to your pretty flower swim suit? I like that one better.”

{10/01/2010}   Are You On Your Period?

It’s that time of month again. No, not time to pay the bills. Time to ignore everything the “little woman” has to say because (more than usual) her thoughts are being controlled by her hormones. There is nothing that ircks me more then when my mother asks me “Are you on your period?”. Even more then when a boy goes “Well aren’t you pissy. It must be “that” time of the month”. Because, not only is my mother COMPLETELY disregarding my feelings, she is also re-enforcing that “women get mad only/especially on their period” myth!
(First off: Im bleeding. Which mean spending money on pads/tampons/whatever you use, ruined underwear (and sleeppants for when the “gift” sneaks up at night), and knife stabbing pains (although, ever since becoming veg they haven’t been all that bad). So if I want to be mad, I think I have every bloody reason too be.
But I’m not. My attitude doesn’t change in the slightest when I’m bleeding. If anything I’m more sympathetic to people.)
Everytime I get mad and ‘raise my voice’ at my mother, I know THOSE words are comming. “Are you on your period?”
‘No, mom. Im not”
“Well it must be comming! Your acting so pissy!”
“Actually, mom, it just ended a week ago so I wont be due for a while/no it hasnt come this month yet”
“This ‘attitude’ must be leftover from it then/well its comming soon! See how mean your being?”
GRAH! Mom, COME ON! How can the STRONG mother I looked up to (from ages 6-13) be so..soo…URg I dont know what to call her.
You heard me right mom, teacher, boy, anyone else who dare say I’m not pooping rainbows that day because of my period. Its not the bloods fault, its YOURS.

Heres another thing. Why can we not just say period? Whats wrong with saying “I’m bleeding?” Why do we have to use such stupid sayings instead? I hate them

  • Riding the cotton pony
  • The Crimson wave
  • That time of the month
  • Aunt Flo is visiting
  • I’m on the rag
  • I’m gathering floss
  • It’s my mooncycle
  • T.O.M
  • Taking Carrie to prom
  • My “friend”
  • Old faithfuth
  • The red flag
  • the red coats are comming
  • Red death
  • the curse
  • bloody mary
  • woman troubles
  • Lady in red
  • Mother nature’s “gift”
  • Ect…

If there ever comes a time that I need to mention I’m on my period I am fairly blunt. “I’m bleeding” or “On my period” is enough for me. Theres no need to try and mask it.

{09/01/2010}   Mind Your Business

I’ve had my younger brother all week. He’s 3 and a p.i.t.a (pain in the ass) but I love him. So instead of keeping both him and me cooped up inside all week I took him places.
Today that said place was (well the main focus is) Walmart. I needed some ingrediants and he wanted bananas. Our shopping experiance was fine. He wanted to carry the basket, put things in it, and pay the cashier. And, like most kids under the age of 7, as soon as we got to an isle that had foods he wanted, he sprouted 4 extra hands.
Now you know theres a down side comming right? Well you should.

All throughout our shopping I couldnt help but notice people throw disgusted, concerned, or pity looks our direction. Followed, of course, with whispering to whom ever they were with. One woman even had the balls to walk up to me and tell me how “a baby like you shouldn’t have a baby of her own. And if you weren’t so busy with your legs in the air you would know how to act like a proper lady”
Who the frick does she think she is? She had no right to walk up to someone she had never seen before and lecture them! And what makes her think her “assumption” was even right? (which it clearly wasn’t).
What if my brother really was my child? But what if, instead of being a ‘slut’ I was raped? Is that really how you should talk to someone (rape victim or not) you don’t know? No, of course not! I could only imagine if she had gone up to someone who had been in that situation. How much that would have hurt.
It’s just plain rude!

But luckily it was me she ran into. “He’s my brother, mind your business”

{09/01/2010}   And She’s Back

Wow I’ve been gone a long time. Was it because of school? Well the first 2 weeks of my dissaperance was because of finals. But after that it was pure lack of inspiration. The two blogs I continued to read (thefbomb.org and therantingteenager.blogspot.com) were doing a good job with posts and I continued to reply to them (I even got an article posted on thefbomb. Poorly written as it was I’m still happy (link: http://thefbomb.org/2010/01/a-walking-chest/ ). But now I’m back. And my mind is full of things to post about. But I think I shall wait until one speaks up loudly enough before posting. Right now everything is so scrambled in my head that a post simply wouldnt come out right.

Thanks Rantingteenager for getting me back in the game.

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