I Don't Eat My Friends

{09/01/2010}   And She’s Back

Wow I’ve been gone a long time. Was it because of school? Well the first 2 weeks of my dissaperance was because of finals. But after that it was pure lack of inspiration. The two blogs I continued to read (thefbomb.org and therantingteenager.blogspot.com) were doing a good job with posts and I continued to reply to them (I even got an article posted on thefbomb. Poorly written as it was I’m still happy (link: http://thefbomb.org/2010/01/a-walking-chest/ ). But now I’m back. And my mind is full of things to post about. But I think I shall wait until one speaks up loudly enough before posting. Right now everything is so scrambled in my head that a post simply wouldnt come out right.

Thanks Rantingteenager for getting me back in the game.


So glad you’re back! And you’re welcome! *feels proud and useful*

And that was you’re article on the F-bomb? It’s not poorly written, I realy liked it. =)

mvibes13 says:

Aw yay!
Im glad you liked it. Lol I was in such a “omgwtf” moment that I was typing faster then I could comprehend.

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