I Don't Eat My Friends

{09/01/2010}   Mind Your Business

I’ve had my younger brother all week. He’s 3 and a p.i.t.a (pain in the ass) but I love him. So instead of keeping both him and me cooped up inside all week I took him places.
Today that said place was (well the main focus is) Walmart. I needed some ingrediants and he wanted bananas. Our shopping experiance was fine. He wanted to carry the basket, put things in it, and pay the cashier. And, like most kids under the age of 7, as soon as we got to an isle that had foods he wanted, he sprouted 4 extra hands.
Now you know theres a down side comming right? Well you should.

All throughout our shopping I couldnt help but notice people throw disgusted, concerned, or pity looks our direction. Followed, of course, with whispering to whom ever they were with. One woman even had the balls to walk up to me and tell me how “a baby like you shouldn’t have a baby of her own. And if you weren’t so busy with your legs in the air you would know how to act like a proper lady”
Who the frick does she think she is? She had no right to walk up to someone she had never seen before and lecture them! And what makes her think her “assumption” was even right? (which it clearly wasn’t).
What if my brother really was my child? But what if, instead of being a ‘slut’ I was raped? Is that really how you should talk to someone (rape victim or not) you don’t know? No, of course not! I could only imagine if she had gone up to someone who had been in that situation. How much that would have hurt.
It’s just plain rude!

But luckily it was me she ran into. “He’s my brother, mind your business”


Ha! I bet that nasty women was really taken aback! I agree, it would have been horrible if her assumption was right. I don’t understand the world. If you get an abortion, you’re bad and killing babies; if you don’t, you’re an irresponsible whore. It’s so sad.

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