I Don't Eat My Friends

{10/01/2010}   Are You On Your Period?

It’s that time of month again. No, not time to pay the bills. Time to ignore everything the “little woman” has to say because (more than usual) her thoughts are being controlled by her hormones. There is nothing that ircks me more then when my mother asks me “Are you on your period?”. Even more then when a boy goes “Well aren’t you pissy. It must be “that” time of the month”. Because, not only is my mother COMPLETELY disregarding my feelings, she is also re-enforcing that “women get mad only/especially on their period” myth!
(First off: Im bleeding. Which mean spending money on pads/tampons/whatever you use, ruined underwear (and sleeppants for when the “gift” sneaks up at night), and knife stabbing pains (although, ever since becoming veg they haven’t been all that bad). So if I want to be mad, I think I have every bloody reason too be.
But I’m not. My attitude doesn’t change in the slightest when I’m bleeding. If anything I’m more sympathetic to people.)
Everytime I get mad and ‘raise my voice’ at my mother, I know THOSE words are comming. “Are you on your period?”
‘No, mom. Im not”
“Well it must be comming! Your acting so pissy!”
“Actually, mom, it just ended a week ago so I wont be due for a while/no it hasnt come this month yet”
“This ‘attitude’ must be leftover from it then/well its comming soon! See how mean your being?”
GRAH! Mom, COME ON! How can the STRONG mother I looked up to (from ages 6-13) be so..soo…URg I dont know what to call her.
You heard me right mom, teacher, boy, anyone else who dare say I’m not pooping rainbows that day because of my period. Its not the bloods fault, its YOURS.

Heres another thing. Why can we not just say period? Whats wrong with saying “I’m bleeding?” Why do we have to use such stupid sayings instead? I hate them

  • Riding the cotton pony
  • The Crimson wave
  • That time of the month
  • Aunt Flo is visiting
  • I’m on the rag
  • I’m gathering floss
  • It’s my mooncycle
  • T.O.M
  • Taking Carrie to prom
  • My “friend”
  • Old faithfuth
  • The red flag
  • the red coats are comming
  • Red death
  • the curse
  • bloody mary
  • woman troubles
  • Lady in red
  • Mother nature’s “gift”
  • Ect…

If there ever comes a time that I need to mention I’m on my period I am fairly blunt. “I’m bleeding” or “On my period” is enough for me. Theres no need to try and mask it.


Wow, I never knew there were so many names to basically say that you’re bleeding. Just, wow.

mvibes13 says:

Lol yeah and those are just ones I’ve heard. I’m guessing theres probably alot more depending on where your from.

mvibes13 says:

I would just like to point out that I did not intend a pun to show up in this post.
The accidental pun: “First off: Im bleeding. ………lala the stuff inbetween………………. So if I want to be mad, I think I have every bloody reason too be.”

f you still havnt caught it, GOOD FOR YOU!

Lol! I hadn’t noticed that…

Fangirl says:

Hey. I’m here via a comment you left on SocImages.

I agree with you about the bizarre euphemisms for being on one’s period, and it’s really frustrating. My friends and I would say “kayaking,” for some reason. Most of our guy friends made a huge show of being disgusted when they found out what it meant, too. Like it was the most disgusting thing ever. (I remember reading somewhere – Freud, I think – that men are freaked out by women having their period because it’s “proof” of castration, or some BS. It was fascinating, but still utterly worthless.)

That being said, next time it comes up, I’m totally saying “taking Carrie to prom.” I’d never heard that before, but I love it.

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