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{25/01/2010}   Would You Stop And Help?

On my way to school this morning I turned on the radio. The word “rape” was screamed (ok not screamed, but it was said loudly because I had forgotten to turn the volume down from the night beofre). What a lovely word to be the first to hear in the morning.

A morning radio show, called Rovers Morning Glory, was going on and the discussion was: If you saw a woman being raped on the street would you try to stop it?
I thought it was a ridiculous question. Who, upon seeing someone being rapped, wouldn’t step in (or at least call the cops)? Charlie (I believe thats his name. The man who is not rover nor the woman, who we will call charlie because I think thats his name).
Charlie would not help. His reasoning?
1. Theres a 50-50 chance it’s not rape. 
   I’m sorry….what? A woman/man is on the street/in an alleyway screaming, having her/his clothes torn off, and possibly being beaten…and its a 50-50 chance of being consensual?
2. Well it could be someones rape fantasy being played out. And we would all be embarrassed if I just came up to them and saw their genitals.
  Rover replyed somewhere along the lines of: If they are doing it on the street they’re obviously not going to be embarrassed that you saw their genitals.

Things continued along these lines (both Rover, the female (I’m sorry I don’t know her name), and a caller) were trying to convince Charlie to step in. But Charlie continued to stay on the “it could be a rape fantasy, I don’t want to be embarrassed if it is only a rape fantasy, What if I do step inwith a gun but then the cops come and it wasnt a real rape, Its not my place to step in so I’ll just keep walking by”
I arrived at school just as Rover said: (not word for word) “If you see Charlie on the street getting his ass kicked by 10 guys DON”T help him. He dosnt want help! Just walk on by.”

I was really appalled by Charlie. Even if it is a rape fantasy in public, as the woman pointed out, wouldn’t you rather know that? TO have stepped in and found out that the girl/guy was actually ok? Then to have witnessed a possible rape and have the fact that you DID NOTHING to stop it on your conscience?

So here is my question: Would you stop and help? If a man/woman was being beaten/raped in public? What about if it wasn’t in public? What if you happened to see it through a window, would you still at least call the cops?


Somehow, I am not surprised. Actually, I am kind of relieved that the rest didn’t agree with Charlie…something is seriously wrong with this world.

Schuyler says:

True that comment above. I would certainly help, though. At the very least, i could simply punch in 9-1-1!

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