I Don't Eat My Friends

{28/01/2010}   What Does It Matter What YOU feel

“Give me another chance”
“COMMON! I’m different now! Just a chance. Go out with me”
“NO. I don’t like you.”
“So? I LIKE you. I DESERVE this!”
“You deserve to go out with me, even though I don’t like you…”
“YEAH! I DESERVE IT! And so what if you don’t like me. It might change after you go out with me for a few months”
“…” *speechless*
“I KNOW it will.”
“…I’m not going out with someone I don’t like just because they ‘deserve it’.”

This conversation was much longer then I posted. Mostly him trying to convince me that he ‘changed. He’s not a douche anymore and he really does respect women now!!’
There was also a part were I said ‘Wouldn’t going out with someone I didn’t like raise their hopes and then crush them when I realized my feelings wouldn’t change?’ But apparently it ‘wouldn’t affect him’.

Lets take a look at this conversation shall we?

“So? I LIKE you. I DESERVE this!”

Who cares if you like me or not. I like you, and I deserve you going out with me. Who cares what you feel about it, so long as I have what I think I deserve I’m happy.

“YEAH! I DESERVE IT! And so what if you don’t like me. It might change after you go out with me for a few months”

(See?) Yeah, I deserve the satisfaction of going out with you. And I’m so confident in my ‘abilities’ that I can MAKE you like me. (even if it takes a few months….Or maybe thats just thrown in there to show that ‘you’ve change, and you really do give a rats ass about my feelings or feminism in general)

Ok…so let me get this straight. You’ve changed! Your totally a feminist now (or at least respect them), you respect women and me. You care about someones feelings other then your own and your not going to be a creepy stalkerish douchebag?
OMG YAY! *fake cheer giggle*  Thats why you’re, lyke, totally not demanding I go out with you because you , lyke, totally deserve it and thats totally all that matters! Oh and its totally not lyke you called my house 20 times in a row (a day) for the past 3 days because I never answered!
Yeah…You really respect feminism now. And your totally not misogynistic or sexist AT ALL! (I left out the part of the conversation that showed how he really *sarcasm*‘isn’t‘ *sarcasm* like that anymore)

Just as a disclaimer: I NEVER went out with this guy. But about a month ago (if even) I got so sick of him following me and trying to convince me to date him (and his sexism) that I told him that I had had enough of his misogynistic attitude, lack of respect, and he never had or would have a chance with me. (yes, it is said much calmer and possibly a tad different here…)


Schuyler says:

This guy sounds utterly horrible. Why would someone be so obsessed and sexist? How can someone deserve to date someone. This is absolutely disgusting.

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