I Don't Eat My Friends

{01/02/2010}   Time For A Vegan Rant

First of I would like to apologize. I have nothing against omni’s and all of the following said is a bunch of pent up vegan…”madness” (for lack of a better word) that has been stored up inside me for a few months. And, since I have no vegan (or even vegetarian friends to talk to about this stuff) its all going to come out in this little blog rant.

TO ME: Meat looks disgusting, it smells disgusting too. So much so that even a small wiff of it make me nauseous. Not even joking, once I actually threw up because my cousin thought it would be hilarious to shove a piece of chicken  to my cheek. Have you ever smelt garbage, a fart, poop, or whatever that it actually made you nauseous? Yeah, now imagine that pushed onto your cheek.
Yesterday my mom told me to put the groceries away. There was a frozen bird carcass that I couldnt identify (it was partially thawed so I could feel the squishiness of the flesh *shiver*) so I asked her “where do you want the dead bird?”
“THATS GROSS! Dont say that!”
Oo….Thats what it is though….And your going to eat it. But you think its gross…Right, makes perfect sense.
And on the flip side she is allowed to openly mock or act disgusted at my food (“omg is that tofu?! EW DONT LET T TOUCH MY FOOD!!” And everything I cook she asks if there is tofu in it, because if it was even cooked using the same spoon she wont eat it. But she gets mad when I wont eat something even though she “picked all the meat out”). And Pat isn’t any better (hes worse). Constantly getting mad if I ask for a simple thing (“oh hey, could you order mine without cheese?” *dramatic sigh* “dammit kid just go back to eatting meat already!”)
-_- Family is supposed to be SUPPORTIVE. So far the only one who is, is my father. He wont try tofu either, but he dosnt gag or announce how gross it is. He said it looked funny once but, hey, it kinda does!
And when I made a simple request “Dad, would you not use egg on mine? Water makes it close just as good” He was skeptical, but he tried it! (and now he always uses water instead of egg when making spring/eggrolls)

And Karl is always acting like an idiot…im pretty sure I told you about how he acts like veganism is a religion right? Always grabbing things from my hand to read the ingredient and if something looks even remotely animal product-ish he announces that I’m gong to hell if I eat it.

I was really happy when I discovered that the organic market, that I go to sometimes, also bakes and cooks vegan options!! Lol so now if I forget breakfast or to pack a lunch I can go and get a delicious baked good, smoothie, and/or hot meal before school/on lunch break. (Hot soup, vegan friendly stuffing, and a bunch of different foods! And since everything they make isnt vegan they will put a VEGAN stamp on it (and they show the ingredients on the sign with the price just in case!!)) It sure as hell beats cold, ugly, cafeteria salad bars.

Today I had to stop myself from going into vegan rant mode. You have no idea how hard it can be! The first was easy to ignore. My comparative religions prof. made a mistake when talking about Hindus. He said they are not ovo-lacto vegetarians because they still drink milk and eat cheese. I wanted to correct him but figured “eh, no need to announce the freak in the room over something so innocent”…and I am not sure if he would get pissed that a student corrected him.
The second was when some jackass store the book I was reading (on veganism lol) and decided to lecture me on the benefits of his “delicious, blood soaked, meat lunch” and how I was sure to “keel over at any second from lack of REAL food”.  As tempted as I was to not only correct his error in nutritional information, but slap him for grabbing my book while I was reading it, and bark at him until he shrunk in horror for touching my “nasty compost meal”.
But I decided this was not a battle for me to partake in. So I smiled, snatched my book back and walked away while saying “Enjoy your McHeartattack”

Wow…I feel so much better now! Thanks for listening (reading).


Tilly_M says:

Amen. I am so sick of rude comments about what I eat, which doesn’t affect other people at all.

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