I Don't Eat My Friends

{04/02/2010}   Random Thoughts Throughout the Day

Its happened to many of us. Its happened to me, and maybe even to you. You’re sitting there, minding you own business when suddenly someone asks “Are you going to be here for a while?”. The next thing you know your responsible for protecting someone else’s stuff from theft.
I mean what are you supposed to say “no I wont make sure no one steals anything. In fact I’m going to help them”.
I just never understood why you would ask someone, whom you’ve never met, to watch your things for you. How do you know THEY wont steal it. Or does asking a potential thief suddenly make them stop. (Because if anything is stolen its obvious who’s to blame)

I was reading Eating Animals (JUST started, I’ll let you know how it is) when someone asked me what it was.
“An instruction manual on how to eat animals” I replied.
“Really?” their her eyes lit up, “How COOL!”
She snatched the book from my hands and began flipping through it.
“No,” I said a little dissapointed that my saracasm had gone over her head.
Her eyes drifted over to the other book exposed in my purse, Vegan Freak.
“So your a vegan huh?”

And so the questions began:
So you dont eat meat?
Not even chicken?
Will you ever eat meat again?
What if they figured out a way to grow meat in a lab, like they do with body parts?
I wouldn’t want to eat anything grown in a lab…
What if they figured out a way to cut the meat from the animal without killing it and it would grow back?
…..How would you feel if someone kept cutting away peices of your flesh? Thats worse torture then what they are doing to them now.

Honestly her questions weren’t AS bad as they usually are. But her last two questions….*shiver*


therantingteenager says:

Wow, lol! I can’t believe some people can be just so STUPID…”What if they figured out a way to cut the meat from the animal without killing it and it would grow back?”

Really? Yeah, sure dear, keep on believing…

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