I Don't Eat My Friends

{09/02/2010}   Picking apart a craigslist post.


Its people like this that seriously disturb me. People who treat animals as nothing more then objects to be owned and thrown away when “finished”.
While this is not the most extreme example of animal mistreatment it IS a more commonly seen example that most don’t even realize is considered animal mistreatment/cruelty.

I can understand giving away(and I SUPPOSE selling) animals when 1) you can no longer care for or 2)finding good homes for the babies of an animal. But selling an animal just because your bored of it? Would you sell your brother just because your bored of him? Animals, once you take one in, are a part of your family.
In this case the person here is obviously jsut bored of the beared dragon and wants a new “toy”.

He is a German Giant Flaming Tiger mix breed……. very cool looking. Will also accept trade for Wii…

And here you can see that the person obviously didn’t care much for the Dragon:

He is not the most friendly of dragons, but he has never bitten me

Animals become unfriendly only when they are mistreated or ignored. So if you have an unfriendly pet, chances are its because you havn’t tried enough to show it you are nice (if you havnt had it since it was a baby that is), you’ve not givin it enough attention (or good attention), or you have mistreated it in some way.

There are many other ways of getting animals. From a (non killing) animal shelter, freecycle.org (people will post things they are giving away for free), www.pet-classifieds.com, hoobly.com,or just go to google and type in the name of the animal you are looking for and your area. Lisitings of people giving away animals will appear.


It’s sad when you see things like this. “Will Exchange for a wii” A wii???

wii says:

it ok.. nice post

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