I Don't Eat My Friends

{19/02/2010}   Random Things

I know I haven’t posted anything that wasn’t about me lately (sorry…but it is MY blog…so its ok to have some self-centered* posts once in a while, right?). Well here is one more post about my life and then I wont be posting anything for a few days (I’ll explain why at the end).

Random sh*t thats happened to me over the past couple of days:
Random thing #1. (this happened on Ash Wednesday). A girl comes up to me and starts talking about what she wants to give up for lent (bread, and maybe sweets). And how it will be SOOO hard because she LOOOVES bread (thats how she said it, really, I’m not just exaggerating it here). Then she asks me what I will be giving up for lent.
“I don’t participate in lent”
“Why not?”
“…Because I’m not Catholic”
-_- Really? WHY? Oy, these people. Yes I live in a place where most of the population is some form of christianity but to just assume I am part of your religion is still…. And then to ask (a little disgusted might I add) why I’m not…Really? How about I ask why you are, do you even know? Or is it just because you wre raised catholic and never questioned it? (Assuming she wouldn’t take my answer: I wasn’t raised catholic (even though my family is catholic)

Random thing #2: In another attempt to get me to eat meat again my mother says this (while passing me jiggling my thigh….what…its fun to do…heehee *jiggle*): “You know vegetarians are fat. Your getting fatter, and you wll end up obese soon on that diet. *whisper* unless you work out. *whisper*”
-_- Isnt it the other way around? Don’t most people think vegetarians are TOO thin? And don’t most people do a “vegetarian diet” to lose weight (and then they go back to their meaty lives)?
Nono mother, MEAT makes you fat. VEGETABLES and FRUITS make you thin. YES you eat more of them but you know what? They have so little calories and pass through your system so quickly that (unless you stuff yourself with bread or chocolate before eatting them) you wont gain anything, in fact you will probably lose some of the extra you dont need.
I’m not saying you wont be fat on a vegetarian diet (if you eat poorly you can be fat on ANY diet) but being a vegetarian alone will not make you fat (just like eatting meat responsibly and with other (healthy) foods will not make you fat).
And yes mother, working out (no matter WHAT your diet, be it plants or animals) will keep you thinner.

Random thing #3: I AM A HORRIBLE MOTHER!!!!
My poor skamp (skamp is a guinea pig) is depressed. Why? I feed her a variety of vegetables everyday, I give her floor and lap time, and I make sure she has toys and a clean (48″ by 28″) cage. So why is she depressed? Because…Guinea pigs are herd animals (duh mvibes, shame on you). And when I leave the house for school, job hunting, visiting my dad, or whatever Skamp is all alone. My mother wont even go near Skamp (she is terified ever since she learned they can jump a good 1-2 feet high) so she sends in my 3 year old brother to feed him (all he can feed her is pellots and carrots). Theres no way skamp gets floor time when I’m gone, but most importantly, Skamp gets lonely. How could I have not seen this sooner? No wonder she gets sad as soon as lap time is over or whenever I leave….She needs a friend.
So I am on the hunt for a female companion (I dont want any pregnancys….so it has to be a girl…or a neutered male). But uh..Don’t tell mom…she’d kill me.

Monday we had a bio exam. 100 questions, everyone failed. Why? Was it because no one studied? (no, I know for a fact one girl studied for OVER 8 hours) Was it because we all got together and said “lets fail! That’ll fool the prof” No. Its because the prof never taught us ONE THING that was on the exam. I knew this would happen, we ALL knew this would happen. We never did ANYTHING in class, the prof always showed up late (10 min) and let class out (30 min) early. That cuts our hour + 15 min class to a 35 min class. And, again, we never did anything productive in the class (minus some horrible slide shows and “Student made” quizes). Do you know what the prof. said?
“It’s not my fault, its YOUR jobs to read up on this stuff.”
I’m sorry, are you not the proffesor? Is it not your job to TEACH and INSTRUCT and at least let us know WHAT CHAPTERS the stupid test is on?
This is why I will not be posting for a while,  I will be DAMNED if I let MY g.p.a go down because she isn’t fit to be a prof. So I will be rading that book cover to cover until I have memorized everything possible, and if If we get a test like that again I am going to the fricken DEAN! (that and I have about a million other reports and assignments to do.

*As in focused on my life. Not self-centered as in narcissistic


therantingteenager says:

Thing 1#: that happens to me all the time! It’s so irritating. People who are part of a majority almost always seem to think that everyone is like them, and if they’re not, they should be.

Thing 2#:Vegetarian diets make you fat? Well, that’s a new one!

Thingg 3#: Go skamp! I’m sure another guinea can pass through…lol.

therantingteenager says:

As to your exam…well, it must have been horrible. I’m sure you will be able to do it, though, although it sure isn’t going to be easy!

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