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{13/03/2010}   Religious Tolerance And Naked Legs

Wow, has it really been THAT long?
Well anyway I just finished my last mid-term yesterday so I think its time for a post about two things not related to each other in any way.

The first: Religion. I would consider myself very tolerant of religion. In fact, I find religion interesting. All the different ideas, traditions, and customs just fascinate me. That being said I do not tolerate when people of a religion tell me how wrong I am, how I am going to be eternally damned, and how I should convert just because I am not their religion. That just plan PISSES ME OFF.
What am I getting at? Where’s the story? Here:
The other day in class a few classmates and I were talking about the worst plane trip we had ever had. When it came to be my turn I began: “Well I was on a plan going to Puerto Rico, and I was sitting next to these two women who went back and forth about Jesus *cue dirty look from classmate K*. They then started to pray and asked me to join in, I politely declined and explained that I am not Catholic *Classmate K looks really pissed off*. Immediantly, without asking what religion I was, they began telling me that I was a dirty sinner and was going to hell to be eternally dammed unless I converted that instant. And for the rest of the plane ride, this kept up. Dirty sinner, convert now, how the Catholic bible is all mighty and completely right about everything that ever was and will be.”
“Im religious you know” spouted classmate K.
The rest of the classmates then took turns telling which religion they were and a little about their church. I asked questions, and even participated stories about my church from when I was catholic. Classmate K would not talk to me for the rest of the day. Apparently I was “anti-catholic” and had “bashed his religion”. …Where did I do that? Because I was annoyed that two women (who happened to be catholic) tried to convert me for hours with no escape? Thats bashing a religion now? If so then I must be the lease tolerant person on earth. How dare I not want to listen to how much of a damned sinner I am unless I convert right now. Shame Mvibes, shame.

Now on a completely unrelated topic: naked legs. Naked meaning without cover, in this case hair.
This has nothing to do with anything, just a quick little insite on me.
I shaved my legs today, winter is ending and I shaved my legs…It was really easy though…No pain or cuts. Most likely from how much I used to shave my legs. Two years ago I wouldnt leave the house in short or a skirt for fear of their being hair on my legs. And if I did I would go over each leg with a razor 5 times before leaving the house. Who cares that I was cut, dired out my legs and had so many razor burns that my legs were raw to the touch? They were smooth without any stubble or hair, they were “feminine”.
Now my “shaved” legs have stubble and missed hairs all over. I dont care, I actually miss the feeling of my hairry legs…But I kinda like the smooth feeling too.
The first words my mom spoke when she saw my shaven legs? “Finally, my daughter looks normal again” -_- way to boost the self esteme mom. (you should have seen her look of disgust and words when she would see my hairy legs, always trying to get me to shave them with some stupid “possible” situations)


So glad you’re back!

Absolutely agree with everything you said. =)

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