I Don't Eat My Friends

Mvibes is currently enrolled in community college until the end of her senior in highschool yeah when she will transfer to a university. She is aiming to be a dietion. Mvibes is a vegan, has 17 years of life, is around 5’6-5’7 with brown hair and blue eyes. She enjoys cooking, reading, eating, dreaming (both awake and asleep) and other things that she dosnt feel like listing.

Oh and she will no longer be speaking(typing) in 3rd person….
Cause it gets really annoying dont you agree?

So right, anyway I’m the second youngest of 5 (six if you count my step-sister). But only my younger brother (3 years) lives with me. The others, well Im not sure where my eldest brother is but I know where my two older sisters are…well an idea anyway. I live with my younger brother, my mother, and my brothers father. I have a dog and a guinea pig. But there are also two other dogs in my house (one is mom’s and the other is Pat’s (my brother’s dad)).
I really like cooking. I cook nearly everything from scratch as well. And, being the only non meat eater in my house, I have to cook all of my meals. But sometimes I cook for the rest of them too. Heh, all part of my plan to slowly turn them into vegetarians MWAHAHA.

The place I live is fairly….small. Theres nothing here but it dosnt take long to get to a place where there are things. So I guess its not all bad. Well, aside from there being a lack of ingrediants from other countries (besides Mexico and India).

Yeah ok thats all I got for now.


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