I Don't Eat My Friends

Its march 28th which means only a few more days (what like 18?) until April 16th. What is so special about april 16th you ask? Why its Day of Silence day of course!

Day Of Silence is when anyone against anti-lgbt bullying is silent in protest. People have rallies (such as at the end of the day known as “breaking the silence”) hand out flyers, buttons, t-shirts, pamphlets with information.

Sadly this year I will not be able to hold a rally or a silent lunch or anything. As I am hardly in school long enough that day to hold anything. I WILL however be making flyers soon and hanging them in both my schools, Making a t-shirt (or two) so I can wear one that day, duct taping my mouth shut (I havnt decided if I should make an “x” out of the tape on my mouth or write an insult used against the lbgt comminuty on it). I wish I could do more, but I think if I go out that day and show off my t-shirt, taped mouth, and hand out a few dozen flyers then I can have done SOMETHING at least.

What will you do to end the silence?



Wow, has it really been THAT long?
Well anyway I just finished my last mid-term yesterday so I think its time for a post about two things not related to each other in any way.

The first: Religion. I would consider myself very tolerant of religion. In fact, I find religion interesting. All the different ideas, traditions, and customs just fascinate me. That being said I do not tolerate when people of a religion tell me how wrong I am, how I am going to be eternally damned, and how I should convert just because I am not their religion. That just plan PISSES ME OFF.
What am I getting at? Where’s the story? Here:
The other day in class a few classmates and I were talking about the worst plane trip we had ever had. When it came to be my turn I began: “Well I was on a plan going to Puerto Rico, and I was sitting next to these two women who went back and forth about Jesus *cue dirty look from classmate K*. They then started to pray and asked me to join in, I politely declined and explained that I am not Catholic *Classmate K looks really pissed off*. Immediantly, without asking what religion I was, they began telling me that I was a dirty sinner and was going to hell to be eternally dammed unless I converted that instant. And for the rest of the plane ride, this kept up. Dirty sinner, convert now, how the Catholic bible is all mighty and completely right about everything that ever was and will be.”
“Im religious you know” spouted classmate K.
The rest of the classmates then took turns telling which religion they were and a little about their church. I asked questions, and even participated stories about my church from when I was catholic. Classmate K would not talk to me for the rest of the day. Apparently I was “anti-catholic” and had “bashed his religion”. …Where did I do that? Because I was annoyed that two women (who happened to be catholic) tried to convert me for hours with no escape? Thats bashing a religion now? If so then I must be the lease tolerant person on earth. How dare I not want to listen to how much of a damned sinner I am unless I convert right now. Shame Mvibes, shame.

Now on a completely unrelated topic: naked legs. Naked meaning without cover, in this case hair.
This has nothing to do with anything, just a quick little insite on me.
I shaved my legs today, winter is ending and I shaved my legs…It was really easy though…No pain or cuts. Most likely from how much I used to shave my legs. Two years ago I wouldnt leave the house in short or a skirt for fear of their being hair on my legs. And if I did I would go over each leg with a razor 5 times before leaving the house. Who cares that I was cut, dired out my legs and had so many razor burns that my legs were raw to the touch? They were smooth without any stubble or hair, they were “feminine”.
Now my “shaved” legs have stubble and missed hairs all over. I dont care, I actually miss the feeling of my hairry legs…But I kinda like the smooth feeling too.
The first words my mom spoke when she saw my shaven legs? “Finally, my daughter looks normal again” -_- way to boost the self esteme mom. (you should have seen her look of disgust and words when she would see my hairy legs, always trying to get me to shave them with some stupid “possible” situations)

{19/02/2010}   Random Things

I know I haven’t posted anything that wasn’t about me lately (sorry…but it is MY blog…so its ok to have some self-centered* posts once in a while, right?). Well here is one more post about my life and then I wont be posting anything for a few days (I’ll explain why at the end).

Random sh*t thats happened to me over the past couple of days:
Random thing #1. (this happened on Ash Wednesday). A girl comes up to me and starts talking about what she wants to give up for lent (bread, and maybe sweets). And how it will be SOOO hard because she LOOOVES bread (thats how she said it, really, I’m not just exaggerating it here). Then she asks me what I will be giving up for lent.
“I don’t participate in lent”
“Why not?”
“…Because I’m not Catholic”
-_- Really? WHY? Oy, these people. Yes I live in a place where most of the population is some form of christianity but to just assume I am part of your religion is still…. And then to ask (a little disgusted might I add) why I’m not…Really? How about I ask why you are, do you even know? Or is it just because you wre raised catholic and never questioned it? (Assuming she wouldn’t take my answer: I wasn’t raised catholic (even though my family is catholic)

Random thing #2: In another attempt to get me to eat meat again my mother says this (while passing me jiggling my thigh….what…its fun to do…heehee *jiggle*): “You know vegetarians are fat. Your getting fatter, and you wll end up obese soon on that diet. *whisper* unless you work out. *whisper*”
-_- Isnt it the other way around? Don’t most people think vegetarians are TOO thin? And don’t most people do a “vegetarian diet” to lose weight (and then they go back to their meaty lives)?
Nono mother, MEAT makes you fat. VEGETABLES and FRUITS make you thin. YES you eat more of them but you know what? They have so little calories and pass through your system so quickly that (unless you stuff yourself with bread or chocolate before eatting them) you wont gain anything, in fact you will probably lose some of the extra you dont need.
I’m not saying you wont be fat on a vegetarian diet (if you eat poorly you can be fat on ANY diet) but being a vegetarian alone will not make you fat (just like eatting meat responsibly and with other (healthy) foods will not make you fat).
And yes mother, working out (no matter WHAT your diet, be it plants or animals) will keep you thinner.

Random thing #3: I AM A HORRIBLE MOTHER!!!!
My poor skamp (skamp is a guinea pig) is depressed. Why? I feed her a variety of vegetables everyday, I give her floor and lap time, and I make sure she has toys and a clean (48″ by 28″) cage. So why is she depressed? Because…Guinea pigs are herd animals (duh mvibes, shame on you). And when I leave the house for school, job hunting, visiting my dad, or whatever Skamp is all alone. My mother wont even go near Skamp (she is terified ever since she learned they can jump a good 1-2 feet high) so she sends in my 3 year old brother to feed him (all he can feed her is pellots and carrots). Theres no way skamp gets floor time when I’m gone, but most importantly, Skamp gets lonely. How could I have not seen this sooner? No wonder she gets sad as soon as lap time is over or whenever I leave….She needs a friend.
So I am on the hunt for a female companion (I dont want any pregnancys….so it has to be a girl…or a neutered male). But uh..Don’t tell mom…she’d kill me.

Monday we had a bio exam. 100 questions, everyone failed. Why? Was it because no one studied? (no, I know for a fact one girl studied for OVER 8 hours) Was it because we all got together and said “lets fail! That’ll fool the prof” No. Its because the prof never taught us ONE THING that was on the exam. I knew this would happen, we ALL knew this would happen. We never did ANYTHING in class, the prof always showed up late (10 min) and let class out (30 min) early. That cuts our hour + 15 min class to a 35 min class. And, again, we never did anything productive in the class (minus some horrible slide shows and “Student made” quizes). Do you know what the prof. said?
“It’s not my fault, its YOUR jobs to read up on this stuff.”
I’m sorry, are you not the proffesor? Is it not your job to TEACH and INSTRUCT and at least let us know WHAT CHAPTERS the stupid test is on?
This is why I will not be posting for a while,  I will be DAMNED if I let MY g.p.a go down because she isn’t fit to be a prof. So I will be rading that book cover to cover until I have memorized everything possible, and if If we get a test like that again I am going to the fricken DEAN! (that and I have about a million other reports and assignments to do.

*As in focused on my life. Not self-centered as in narcissistic

{15/02/2010}   Future Fantasys

Everyone does it. I do it, you do it, and I bet somewhere, someone is doing it right now.
No not that you pervert.
Picturing their future. Whether it be future career, partner, children, life, trip to Hawaii. Be it 5 minutes from now or 5 years from now it is being pictured.

I know my ideal future:
My house, its not too big nor too small, but just the right size for me. I have a large vegetable and herb garden in the back with a worm composter next to it. In the worm composter is wroms, food scraps, and guinea pig droppings. I’ll have 2 or 3 guinea pigs. In a large coroplast cage (or maybe their own room if I have the space) with a fleece bedding and lots of toys. I’ll have a dog too, maybe not right away, but eventually. And my kitchen will be big and the center and life of the house which is open to a dinning area. The cabinets and fridge stocked with vegan goodness, there will be an island in the kitchen. I will be a veternarian (lol well this is what I want to be NOW, last time I pictured this life I was a dietition).
Sometimes there is a kid (sometimes two) in the cenario too. Sometimes the kid is a toddler (3-5) sometimes they are a teenager. They are helping me in the kitchen or we are having dinner as a family. Sometimes its even them bringing all their friends home and everyone chows down on the vegan snacks I made.
“Man Ms. M, your foods AWSOME”

But you know whats never in the fantasy? A partner.
I know what I want my ideal partner to be like but never once is that ideal person in my future fantasy. Not once. Do you find this strange? I do, only because I’ve pictured the ideal partner, but I have never pictured a life with them.

So whats your future hold?


Its people like this that seriously disturb me. People who treat animals as nothing more then objects to be owned and thrown away when “finished”.
While this is not the most extreme example of animal mistreatment it IS a more commonly seen example that most don’t even realize is considered animal mistreatment/cruelty.

I can understand giving away(and I SUPPOSE selling) animals when 1) you can no longer care for or 2)finding good homes for the babies of an animal. But selling an animal just because your bored of it? Would you sell your brother just because your bored of him? Animals, once you take one in, are a part of your family.
In this case the person here is obviously jsut bored of the beared dragon and wants a new “toy”.

He is a German Giant Flaming Tiger mix breed……. very cool looking. Will also accept trade for Wii…

And here you can see that the person obviously didn’t care much for the Dragon:

He is not the most friendly of dragons, but he has never bitten me

Animals become unfriendly only when they are mistreated or ignored. So if you have an unfriendly pet, chances are its because you havn’t tried enough to show it you are nice (if you havnt had it since it was a baby that is), you’ve not givin it enough attention (or good attention), or you have mistreated it in some way.

There are many other ways of getting animals. From a (non killing) animal shelter, freecycle.org (people will post things they are giving away for free), www.pet-classifieds.com, hoobly.com,or just go to google and type in the name of the animal you are looking for and your area. Lisitings of people giving away animals will appear.

Its happened to many of us. Its happened to me, and maybe even to you. You’re sitting there, minding you own business when suddenly someone asks “Are you going to be here for a while?”. The next thing you know your responsible for protecting someone else’s stuff from theft.
I mean what are you supposed to say “no I wont make sure no one steals anything. In fact I’m going to help them”.
I just never understood why you would ask someone, whom you’ve never met, to watch your things for you. How do you know THEY wont steal it. Or does asking a potential thief suddenly make them stop. (Because if anything is stolen its obvious who’s to blame)

I was reading Eating Animals (JUST started, I’ll let you know how it is) when someone asked me what it was.
“An instruction manual on how to eat animals” I replied.
“Really?” their her eyes lit up, “How COOL!”
She snatched the book from my hands and began flipping through it.
“No,” I said a little dissapointed that my saracasm had gone over her head.
Her eyes drifted over to the other book exposed in my purse, Vegan Freak.
“So your a vegan huh?”

And so the questions began:
So you dont eat meat?
Not even chicken?
Will you ever eat meat again?
What if they figured out a way to grow meat in a lab, like they do with body parts?
I wouldn’t want to eat anything grown in a lab…
What if they figured out a way to cut the meat from the animal without killing it and it would grow back?
…..How would you feel if someone kept cutting away peices of your flesh? Thats worse torture then what they are doing to them now.

Honestly her questions weren’t AS bad as they usually are. But her last two questions….*shiver*

{01/02/2010}   Time For A Vegan Rant

First of I would like to apologize. I have nothing against omni’s and all of the following said is a bunch of pent up vegan…”madness” (for lack of a better word) that has been stored up inside me for a few months. And, since I have no vegan (or even vegetarian friends to talk to about this stuff) its all going to come out in this little blog rant.

TO ME: Meat looks disgusting, it smells disgusting too. So much so that even a small wiff of it make me nauseous. Not even joking, once I actually threw up because my cousin thought it would be hilarious to shove a piece of chicken  to my cheek. Have you ever smelt garbage, a fart, poop, or whatever that it actually made you nauseous? Yeah, now imagine that pushed onto your cheek.
Yesterday my mom told me to put the groceries away. There was a frozen bird carcass that I couldnt identify (it was partially thawed so I could feel the squishiness of the flesh *shiver*) so I asked her “where do you want the dead bird?”
“THATS GROSS! Dont say that!”
Oo….Thats what it is though….And your going to eat it. But you think its gross…Right, makes perfect sense.
And on the flip side she is allowed to openly mock or act disgusted at my food (“omg is that tofu?! EW DONT LET T TOUCH MY FOOD!!” And everything I cook she asks if there is tofu in it, because if it was even cooked using the same spoon she wont eat it. But she gets mad when I wont eat something even though she “picked all the meat out”). And Pat isn’t any better (hes worse). Constantly getting mad if I ask for a simple thing (“oh hey, could you order mine without cheese?” *dramatic sigh* “dammit kid just go back to eatting meat already!”)
-_- Family is supposed to be SUPPORTIVE. So far the only one who is, is my father. He wont try tofu either, but he dosnt gag or announce how gross it is. He said it looked funny once but, hey, it kinda does!
And when I made a simple request “Dad, would you not use egg on mine? Water makes it close just as good” He was skeptical, but he tried it! (and now he always uses water instead of egg when making spring/eggrolls)

And Karl is always acting like an idiot…im pretty sure I told you about how he acts like veganism is a religion right? Always grabbing things from my hand to read the ingredient and if something looks even remotely animal product-ish he announces that I’m gong to hell if I eat it.

I was really happy when I discovered that the organic market, that I go to sometimes, also bakes and cooks vegan options!! Lol so now if I forget breakfast or to pack a lunch I can go and get a delicious baked good, smoothie, and/or hot meal before school/on lunch break. (Hot soup, vegan friendly stuffing, and a bunch of different foods! And since everything they make isnt vegan they will put a VEGAN stamp on it (and they show the ingredients on the sign with the price just in case!!)) It sure as hell beats cold, ugly, cafeteria salad bars.

Today I had to stop myself from going into vegan rant mode. You have no idea how hard it can be! The first was easy to ignore. My comparative religions prof. made a mistake when talking about Hindus. He said they are not ovo-lacto vegetarians because they still drink milk and eat cheese. I wanted to correct him but figured “eh, no need to announce the freak in the room over something so innocent”…and I am not sure if he would get pissed that a student corrected him.
The second was when some jackass store the book I was reading (on veganism lol) and decided to lecture me on the benefits of his “delicious, blood soaked, meat lunch” and how I was sure to “keel over at any second from lack of REAL food”.  As tempted as I was to not only correct his error in nutritional information, but slap him for grabbing my book while I was reading it, and bark at him until he shrunk in horror for touching my “nasty compost meal”.
But I decided this was not a battle for me to partake in. So I smiled, snatched my book back and walked away while saying “Enjoy your McHeartattack”

Wow…I feel so much better now! Thanks for listening (reading).

{29/01/2010}   Man Chrunching

The all gay (male) dating website. This ad is being considered for the superbowl.

My “stepfather” saw the comercial on the news this morning and, not even a second before it ended, epressed how disgusted and repulsed he was at the video. Yet, when questioned, had it been a man and a woman (or even two women) it would have been a perfectly fine comercial.
Which saddened me. I’m afriad that, if it does make it to the superbowl, there will be a ton of hate towards this comercial/site.
Does anyone think this ad will make it?

“Give me another chance”
“COMMON! I’m different now! Just a chance. Go out with me”
“NO. I don’t like you.”
“So? I LIKE you. I DESERVE this!”
“You deserve to go out with me, even though I don’t like you…”
“YEAH! I DESERVE IT! And so what if you don’t like me. It might change after you go out with me for a few months”
“…” *speechless*
“I KNOW it will.”
“…I’m not going out with someone I don’t like just because they ‘deserve it’.”

This conversation was much longer then I posted. Mostly him trying to convince me that he ‘changed. He’s not a douche anymore and he really does respect women now!!’
There was also a part were I said ‘Wouldn’t going out with someone I didn’t like raise their hopes and then crush them when I realized my feelings wouldn’t change?’ But apparently it ‘wouldn’t affect him’.

Lets take a look at this conversation shall we?

“So? I LIKE you. I DESERVE this!”

Who cares if you like me or not. I like you, and I deserve you going out with me. Who cares what you feel about it, so long as I have what I think I deserve I’m happy.

“YEAH! I DESERVE IT! And so what if you don’t like me. It might change after you go out with me for a few months”

(See?) Yeah, I deserve the satisfaction of going out with you. And I’m so confident in my ‘abilities’ that I can MAKE you like me. (even if it takes a few months….Or maybe thats just thrown in there to show that ‘you’ve change, and you really do give a rats ass about my feelings or feminism in general)

Ok…so let me get this straight. You’ve changed! Your totally a feminist now (or at least respect them), you respect women and me. You care about someones feelings other then your own and your not going to be a creepy stalkerish douchebag?
OMG YAY! *fake cheer giggle*  Thats why you’re, lyke, totally not demanding I go out with you because you , lyke, totally deserve it and thats totally all that matters! Oh and its totally not lyke you called my house 20 times in a row (a day) for the past 3 days because I never answered!
Yeah…You really respect feminism now. And your totally not misogynistic or sexist AT ALL! (I left out the part of the conversation that showed how he really *sarcasm*‘isn’t‘ *sarcasm* like that anymore)

Just as a disclaimer: I NEVER went out with this guy. But about a month ago (if even) I got so sick of him following me and trying to convince me to date him (and his sexism) that I told him that I had had enough of his misogynistic attitude, lack of respect, and he never had or would have a chance with me. (yes, it is said much calmer and possibly a tad different here…)

{25/01/2010}   Would You Stop And Help?

On my way to school this morning I turned on the radio. The word “rape” was screamed (ok not screamed, but it was said loudly because I had forgotten to turn the volume down from the night beofre). What a lovely word to be the first to hear in the morning.

A morning radio show, called Rovers Morning Glory, was going on and the discussion was: If you saw a woman being raped on the street would you try to stop it?
I thought it was a ridiculous question. Who, upon seeing someone being rapped, wouldn’t step in (or at least call the cops)? Charlie (I believe thats his name. The man who is not rover nor the woman, who we will call charlie because I think thats his name).
Charlie would not help. His reasoning?
1. Theres a 50-50 chance it’s not rape. 
   I’m sorry….what? A woman/man is on the street/in an alleyway screaming, having her/his clothes torn off, and possibly being beaten…and its a 50-50 chance of being consensual?
2. Well it could be someones rape fantasy being played out. And we would all be embarrassed if I just came up to them and saw their genitals.
  Rover replyed somewhere along the lines of: If they are doing it on the street they’re obviously not going to be embarrassed that you saw their genitals.

Things continued along these lines (both Rover, the female (I’m sorry I don’t know her name), and a caller) were trying to convince Charlie to step in. But Charlie continued to stay on the “it could be a rape fantasy, I don’t want to be embarrassed if it is only a rape fantasy, What if I do step inwith a gun but then the cops come and it wasnt a real rape, Its not my place to step in so I’ll just keep walking by”
I arrived at school just as Rover said: (not word for word) “If you see Charlie on the street getting his ass kicked by 10 guys DON”T help him. He dosnt want help! Just walk on by.”

I was really appalled by Charlie. Even if it is a rape fantasy in public, as the woman pointed out, wouldn’t you rather know that? TO have stepped in and found out that the girl/guy was actually ok? Then to have witnessed a possible rape and have the fact that you DID NOTHING to stop it on your conscience?

So here is my question: Would you stop and help? If a man/woman was being beaten/raped in public? What about if it wasn’t in public? What if you happened to see it through a window, would you still at least call the cops?

et cetera